Parmigiana di Melanzane
Parmigiana di Melanzane

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Cooking Pasta
Cooking Pasta

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Parmigiana di Melanzane
Parmigiana di Melanzane

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... than the love of food!




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The Culinary Experience!

Ciao Readers

This is Valeria Gulotta and I am co-founder of Palermo Cooking Class and Tour of Sicily-Day Tours. Both are 100% Sicilian companies!

What better way to immerse yourself in a new region of the world than to delve into the local foods and culinary traditions that make a country or culture unique.


With us you'll tap into your inner foodie on culinary-focused adventures in such savory destinations as Sicily!

Ciao e ci Vediamo in Sicilia!


Valeria Gulotta | nickname #Valy
Blogger on Blog&Strorytelling
Co-Owner of Tour of Sicily-Day Tours

Latest News from BLOG  

The Caponata is a classic and controversial Sicilian recipe.Speaking about Caponata with more than a Sicilian can get confusing: every person will give you a different recipe swearing that’s the original one: this is because Sicily boasts 37 official variations of Caponata and much more personal family recipes! Read More>


Let's talk about the sad story of one of the most famous pottery vase. Moor head ceramic vases are so widespread in Sicily that they become one of the representative symbols of the island. These particular objects, decorate the balconies of the houses and are often used as a decorative element in the living rooms of Sicilians and tourists who buy them as souvenirs at the various artisan shops in Caltagirone. The singular shape of these vases, however, comes from a macabre legend, set in Palermo, which not everybody knows. It is said that around the year 1100 a. C. Read More>

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Palermo Cooking Class

Cheap, fast, tasty: street food is a great way to learn about traditions and culture of Palermo, as well as learning secrets of our “cucina povera”  and how we use leftover ingredients in order to create a new dish the next day. Cook with us our street food dishes!

Cooking Class off the beaten track

Enjoy the country side of Sicily, meet locals and taste authentic gastronomy for your unforgettable Sicilian Local Food experience off the beaten track on the slopes of Madonie Mountains.


Palermo Cooking Class

Mediterranean cuisine is the product of cultural influence and exchange. As the point of intersection between Asia, Europe, and Africa, with major civilizations located in each area, Sicily and the Mediterranean were geographically destined to become an important commercial hub. Thanks to it, our culinary art is the result of meeting of different peoples and cultures.  




7 DAYS Experience!

When God created Paradise, he was thinking of the southern side of Italy and especially Sicily. Lush green vineyards sloping down into an azure Mediterranean.

An enchanting journey across Sicily for a wine-focused tour that highlights some of the best wineries in Sicily and Italy –Planeta, Regaleali, and Benanti–wineries that we will visit as well as other world-class wineries whose exquisite wines we will sample throughout the program. 

A 7 day wine and food tour tour highlighting the best in locavore from this off the beaten track Island. 


Taste local dishes and meet the artisans who have grown and produced amazing produce from cheeses, wines and Olive oils for thousands of years..

10 DAYS Experience!

Our gastronomic tours are broader in scope, including not only food and wine but also nearby cultural highlight.


Imagine to taste warm ricotta cheese which is an essential ingredient, eaten on its own or used in cooking, both in savoury and sweet dishes. Cannoli, Cassata, Cassatelle, Ravioli .... we use a lot of ricotta cheese. So too, we are very fond of any locally made cheese. 


Our Tour provides the opportunity to discover more than simply the artistic patrimony of a place, we learn about the true, essential character of Sicily. 


Led by specialists, this tour feature tutored wine tastings, as well as exclusive winery visits, often hosted in beautiful landscapes.  

Travel when you want to.

These are not set departure tours.

As long as we have 2 travelling we can do it for you when you want to.

If you have a group of friends you want to travel with, let us know as we can do a special rate based on your party size.

Spending extra time in Sicily is also a bonus, and if you can afford the extra time , do it, there is so much to see!






There are dozens of varieties of truffles in the world, but Italy’s truffle is one of the most elusive and most delicious. It’s found only from September to December and in just the right conditions, growing on the roots of trees under layers of damp leaves. Find your truffle and use it at lunch on the top of the risotto ...


Ricotta is much loved by us and we like to eat it very fresh. It is an essential ingredient, eaten on its own or used in cooking, both in savoury and sweet dishes. Cannoli, Cassata, Cassatelle, Ravioli .... we use a lot of ricotta cheese. So too, we are very fond of any locally made cheese.


Discover the joys of the Sicily table as you learn the secrets of Sicilian cooking from our generous local amici. Celebrate fresh seasonal ingredients prepared with passion, yet minimal manipulation. Slow down and let food be the focal point of the day. And savor this journey that nurtures both body and spirit.



Made in the Sicilian town of Modica, this Aztec-inspired chocolate is one of the world’s best-kept secrets: the original chocolate was bitter and used to enhance sauces for meat dishes, grated over salads or eaten on its own as a dietary supplement. If prepared with certain spices, it was considered an aphrodisiac. Try it spicy or with salt .... here, in Sicily, with us!



What better way to immerse yourself in a new region of the world than to delve into the local foods and culinary traditions that make a country or culture unique. With us you'll tap into your inner foodie on culinary-focused adventures in such savory destinations as Sicily!


Wine. It can be as simple as choosing between red or white, or it can be a passionately debated topic that carries a discussion through an entire evening and beyond. Winemaking and its seductive artifact are part agriculture, part history, part culture, part history and an undeniable delight for the senses--all in one beautiful bottle to drink while in Sicily!



Dec. 2019, Tour of Sicily actually arranged a 10 day tour of Sicily for our multi generational group -- a private bus, some meals and fantastic tours. I knew it would be a terrific tour when we arrived at the airport to someone waiting to help us take our bags to our bus. In Palermo, ask for Francesca, our tour guide. She was so knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. While we traveled, Davide was amazing and introduced us to Scoppa during down times on the bus! At the important sites, they arranged for guides particular to that site to speak with us. All of the guides spoke English well and were extremely knowledgeable. 10 days without a hitch. Bravo! Believe the reviews. This tour company knows what it is doing!

Theresa Palmisan

Everything about this tour was beyond my expectations! Our driver Michael was the best: thoughtful, organized, courteous and most pleasant. The vehicle was very spacious and the views were fabulous even in the rear seats. A beautiful Sicilian medieval town in Erice, then breathtaking views of the Norman castle and delightful walks through the old village..... 

John Sanders

I wanted to do something unique that would immerse me in the local Sicilian life as opposed to doing the typical touristy site visits.
When I booked “Hidden Treasures And Flavors Of A Sicilian Village” through TripAdvisor / Viator I was not sure what to expect as I could not find a lot of reviews or photos about it … I started writing this review the minute I got back to my AirBnb in Palermo because that day trip, was one of the BEST experiences I have ever had … and I travel quite often.


If you want the full immersion, take the train to Roccapalumba Alia – It is only about 1 hour away and you get to see beautiful sceneries and start your immersion as a “local.” I went solo and felt safe the entire time.

Here is my experience but note that each experience will vary based on time of year and day of the week – But I can assure you that each unique experience will be a once-in-a-lifetime memory.​ 

Josephine Ingram



Choose from more than 100 unforgettable adventures and experiences for Couples, Friends and Families.

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